SWAN Webinar Events - 2021

Our webinar sessions are now finished.  Please use the links below to watch the replay videos.

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Understand the high level concepts behind SWAN.

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How SWAN adopts the same approach used to govern commercial aviation and the alps to provide a community resource that can never be dominated by a single corporation.

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How the SWAN privacy by design approach keeps people in control and protects privacy in a way other solutions do not.

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For the geeks. How SWAN works and what you need to know to as an Operator, User Interface Provider (UIP), CMP, Publisher or Advertiser.

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OWIDs and their use in SWAN

Open Web Ids (OWID) - the open source cryptographically secure shared web identifier schema.

OWID provides a simple and space efficient binary data structure for recording the processors of transaction data in a form that is cryptographically verifiable. OWIDs can optionally include additional data added by the processor to the transaction.

This webinar is a supplement to the SWAN Engineering session explaining OWIDs and their use in SWAN.